The 3 types of mattresses to help you choose the best one to buy

There are millions of mattresses made every day by thousands of mattress companies and all promises to provide you with the best sleep experience ever that you can ever dream of. They can all brag that their product is the perfect one for you but do you really believe the sales people that what you see and tried is the perfect one for you?

If you don’t then check here for more info;the best thing today is that we have the internet; doing some legwork can help enlighten you on what is the best one for you and you’re standards. To help you simplify your research, you should know that there are 3 known and popular mattresses that are out there on the market today.

Spring: The most popular among the 3 types and probably what you are using right now. The fact of the matter on this type of mattress is that it’s cheap and your kids love this type because it’s springy and they love to jump around it like a trampoline and maybe you had tried that too in your wonder years.

This bed is ideal for people that are on the heavy side since it gives them the resistance that they need and the firmness of a mattress that doesn’t surrender to their weight.

Latex:  the most expensive one in this these types for the reason that the materials and how these mattresses are produced are unlike anything but ordinary. There are 2 types of latex mattress, the natural and the synthetic. In general, both can give the firmness and the bounce that some people define as comfortable. The natural latex is mostly recommended for hypersensitive individuals because of its hypo allergenic properties.

Memory foam: This is the most comfortable of all as per subjective comments in the sense that it’s memory foam!. Its characteristics and definition of comfort are by providing a soft and contouring cushion. Providing a more supportive and secure feel that results in a bed that is too plush and too comfortable to some that it gives them challenging to get up whenever they want to go to work on Mondays. These types of mattresses are ideal for people that has muscular and spinal injuries but its still best to consult your physician if there is a need to provide additional support for your injuries.

And there you have it! Sometimes having a very expensive mattress doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the most comfortable and right mattress for you. We have different body shape and weight, this is the primary factors that you should consider in buying a mattress and not because it’s expensive. Sometimes it’s just expensive because it has a known brand printed on it, don’t believe the hype and try out the product yourself compare with other mattresses and even read reviews online.