5 amazing DIY viral slimes

The world and social networking sites are going crazy about slimes. It is actually a liquid that has a different viscosity due to which it is not runny and is very light on the other hand. It is a very good stress and anxiety reliever. It is actually a play material which is easy to make and people of every age can try making it.

DIY viral slimes

DIY Slimes:

  1. Crunchy slime: For this you would need a bowl, spoon, sta flow liquid starch, clear PBA glue, clear beads and food colour. Start by taking some clear glue in the bowl, add a few drops of food coloring (mix little at a time to avoid dark color). Start mixing it carefully and mix only a little bit at a time. At this stage, slowly add the sta flow starch little by little, a pinch of baking soda and you will notice that the slime is getting ready. Using the clear glue makes the slime very reflective and shiny. Once the slime is ready, add the clear beads into it. Just spread the slime on a table, add the beads in it and mix well. The crunchy slime is ready. As you mix it you can hear the crunchy sound of the beads and yes it is super fun too!
  2. Floam slime: It is the regular slime with tiny balls. For this you would need a bowl, mixing spoon, polystyrene balls, Elmer’s glue, sta flow liquid starch and food color. Start by mixing glue and food color. Then add sta flow liquid starch little by little as required to make the slime. Now spread the slime on a table and add the balls. This slime can be molded into many shapes and it also holds the shape.This type of slime is super thin and is awesome fun.
  3. Butter slime: You need a bowl, Contact lens solution, baking soda, Elmer’s glue, corn flour shaving cream and food color. Take 3 tbspn of corn flour, add 3 tbspn of glue, 3 tbspns of shaving foam, 4 pinches of baking soda and a few drops of food colour. Mix it well and then add 2 tea spoons of contact lens solutions and your slime is ready. You can add about ½ tea spoon of baby oil to the slime to get the buttery shine.
  4. Ice berg slime: It looks like a sponge cake. You need a bowl, baby powder, borox, Elmer’s glue, shaving cream, body lotion and food colour. Start with a whole bottle of glue, whole bottle of shaving cream, 3 pumps of hand lotion, 4 pumps of baby powder and a lot of food colour. This slime takes a lot of time and hardwork. Once the slime is ready, put it in a bowl and pat it properly and put it to rest for 2-3 days in the fridge. This process makes it a little crunchy. Once you start punching it, it becomes a regular slime and you need to freeze it to make it iceberg slime again.
  5. The last one will be to mix all the types of slime.