Basic Clenbuterol Guideline for Women

It’s no question that muscle-enhancing drugs and substances used to increase performance are very beneficial and are highly effective. But it doesn’t mean that the most important question is forgotten. New users and the people who are currently interested in trying steroids out want to know if it’s safe.

In truth, potential side effects will occur when the doses are unregulated and proper use isn’t observed. Responsible use not only brings good results, it’s also something imperative for the safety of your body and longevity of your health.

Clenbuterol, for example, is one of the most effective substances on the market today. But it only stays as effective when you’re following the specific dosage schedule recommended.

Women using Clen are also increasing in number. Many have seen the effects it has and it’s no surprise that most are convinced of its benefits. But every smart user knows the importance of learning what they can before they start taking it. And a comprehensive evaluation usually includes risks for women using Clenbuterol.

risks for women using Clenbuterol

Learn more about the substances and its effects and start from the most basic and most important information.

Clenbuterol Use Overview

The number of women who are using Clen is increasing. It’s no longer a field exclusive for men. There are even others claiming that Clen works better for women. With its thermogenic nature, women show more progress in weight loss.

And female athletes are currently favoring Clenbuterol over other options. This is because Clen doesn’t come with the side effects others have experienced while taking the other steroid counterparts.

The supplement gives the edge needed to attain the desired weight and lean muscle mass you’re currently targeting, but other factors are needed to efficiently see results. For instance, you must follow a strict diet and workout routine.

Clenbuterol Dose for women


Following a strict dosage guideline is imperative to properly maintain effects and safety.

Women should follow the 20 mcg per day schedule for a three-week cycle. Once your body gets used to it, you can increase the dosage gradually.

The maximum level is 120 mcg. However, it’s not advised to go for the highest dosage when not necessary.

Effects of Clenbuterol


It’s the most effective supplement for losing weight. Muscle-toning and properly removing fats and specific layers are actually easier with this.

However, there’s a need to focus on the other factors needed. Combining diet, working out, and the proper supplements are essential.

More importantly, it’s important to consider the right doses to guarantee that you won’t be experiencing any side effects. To be more prepared, you must learn the specific things and effects that can plague people who aren’t taking the supplements responsibly.

Some have seen a rise in the blood pressure. Clenbuterol is a stimulant. And irresponsible consumption can easily lead to abnormal elevation of the heart rate, and possibly, cardiovascular distress situations.

It’s also known to contribute to muscle cramps. With the components of Clenbuterol, amino acids are the first thing it uses up and this prompts dehydration. To prevent this, it needs to be stacked with supplements contributing to amino acids.

There’s a chance for insomnia to develop. It may be more stimulative than caffeine especially when the schedule isn’t taken into consideration.