How BR1M helps the people

BR1M program is developed within the budget 2012 by the prime minister of Malaysia, Najib Abdul Razak. The Malaysian government produced this scheme to grow the economy and be top income nation. This program helped many people to decrease their suffering of basic needs and difficulties in buying necessary things for them. This is a program spent for the welfare of people of Malaysia. It provides BR1M help to rakyat for making them stay and get over the increasing cost of spending. This program made the poor and low-income people to grow and increase their monthly incomes. By implementing this program, the people of Malaysia are not depending on their government but getting the help in making themselves strong and way to increase their gross earnings.

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BR1M program efforts

The government of Malaysia has did given much efforts and spent more money on improving the standards of poor people. BR1M (Bantuan Rakyat 1 Malaysia) program is always increasing its spending of money on people. This proves that the people are getting benefitted by it. This program enhances the life of low income people to get hold of their requirements and make their financial status better. This program is called as the One Malaysia help to people’s support. It is helping mainly four types of rakyat. People or family with RM 2000 or less will be given RM1200 payment help. The family with income from RM 3000 to RM 4000 will get RM 900 as help. The single individuals with RM 2000 will get RM 450 as help and the e-kasih with RM 1000 will get RM 1050 as help from BR1M payment help. The people will be eligible if they are citizens of Malaysia and reside their only. People can apply by registering in their official website through online also. The government gets all your details and cross checks them and then gives the person or family with low income the BR1M payment help. In this way, the Malaysian government is progressing the economy and growth of the people by this program.