Choosing the perfect meditation cushion online

Meditation is great for increasing your concentration and reduce stress and anxiety. But meditation also means that you have to sit at one place, in one right posture for a significantly long time. Slight backaches, feeling of pins and needles in your legs are a few side effects of sitting in the wrong posture while meditating. You can use the meditation pillowsfor the right posture for meditation.

best meditation pillow

How to choose the best meditation pillow?

There are so many options available in the market for the meditation pillowsthat it becomes really hard to select one. It’s better if you take into account the aspects like material used (both for cover and filling), size, shape etc. according to your needs, while buying meditation cushion online.

Things to consider before you shop meditation pillows :

  • Keep in mind your yoga posture ( it can be any of the five yoga postures : full lotus, half lotus, Burmese or simple cross legged, seiza or the kneeling on a stool posture and on a chair. Different meditation pillows are suitable for different yoga postures. For example : for Burmese the most suitable meditation pillow types are the zafu, bolster or the yoga block cushions.
  • The second thing to consider is the height of pillow and the material used in filling. The heights of pillows ranges between 2-10 inches. There are different types of fillings used in the meditation pillows : buckwheat hulls, kapok fibres, wool, beans, cotton, air and polyester. You’d like to choose the material which is soft, skin friendly and durable. Similarly look for the stuffing which gives you comfort and support.
  • The type of yoga cushion. There are 4 most popular types of cushions for meditation : V-shaped yoga cushion, zafu, zen and zabuton meditation cushion.