A comfortable path to enlightenment

The road to self-discovery is a long and arduous one. You can’t rush the process of meditation, it takes time and effort to achieve such as state but the benefits one can gain out of it are priceless. Meditation can not only reduce stress but also improve concentration since it clears the mind of anything and everything negative so one can basically focus on the positive things in life as well as priorities. It is because of this change in outlook that the lifestyle changes for the better as well, but as previously stated, it doesn’t happen overnight.

process of meditation

To achieve a sense of self-discovery and Zen, one must meditate for long periods of time constantly to clear negative thoughts which requires utmost concentration and focus, which also requires comfort. Some people find it hard to focus and clear their minds if they aren’t comfortable. One way to achieve comfort while meditating is through meditation cushions. These cushions provide the individuals with a comfortable platform in which they could sit on and clear their minds. Of course, there are tons of meditation pillows in the market and choosing one might be difficult. Let One Minded Dharma help narrow down the choices with their recommendations.

Form and function combined

When people choose things such as pillows, what usually attracts them primarily is the look. People tend to buy things that look good to them but aren’t quite as functional or ergonomic as the other. This isn’t the case though, based on the recommendations of One Minded Dharma, you can get a pillow that’s a combination of both comfort and design.

Take for instance the Mala Collective pillows that are truly stunning to look at that you might think twice about sitting on them. Worry not since these pillows are very durable and can last for a very long time, thanks to high quality materials being used. Choose between traditional yet intricate designs such as lotus flowers or mandalas. They also make for great gifts to fellow Zen seekers too!

The all too familiar “wear your heart on your sleeve” phrase but in a different context

Some people wear their hearts on their sleeves but in this case, you can meditate while sitting on an inspiring message. One of the recommendations are pillows that have inspiring quotes embroidered on them so you can choose which quote fits you the most and you can remember why you decided to start this journey of enlightenment and self-discovery in the first place. It serves as sort of a reminder of your purpose and path, not to mention that it’s pretty comfortable to sit in as well.

Choosing the right meditation pillow that works best for you will definitely set you on the path to enlightenment in no time. With a lot of pillows to choose from, One Minded Dharma hopes that their recommendations may help narrow down your choices.