The essence on what driving really is

Driving is both a need and a privilege. Being able to drive is about freedom (except traffic), about going to places, take you kids to school and the experience to drive itself.

Driving is a lot of things and it’s not just about driving. You can’t drive if you don’t know how the rule works and the more that you know it the better that you will be safe on the road. There are a lot of road accidents that occur each year; some are minor while some are fatal. Some can’t be avoided but most can be avoided if only people followed traffic rules then those accidents won’t occur:

Driving is not just driving: Learning to drive the wheel is easy, the challenging part is learning about the various traffic rules. The traffic lights are a given but what you need to remember are road signs and how it can make you a better driver. Better drivers are not about overtaking someone and driving like a road kill, don’t believe everything that you see in movies because, in reality, those are stunts, done by professionals in a controlled environment. What you are learning is to drive in the real world and real situations.

Andy1st driving school

It’s not about just the speed: we don’t all own a racing and a luxury car so you don’t have to test how far your car goes. You might get a ticket for that, what is important is safety, and safety means running at a safe speed, enough that it can take you where you want to go and enough for you to see if there is any danger coming your way.

It’s about being aware: “with great power comes with great responsibility” Yeah it’s a Spiderman thing and you don’t have a power, but what you have is a car that can do great things for you that if you have a car you need to be responsible with it. You need to be more aware of your surroundings not because your car will get scratched but in order not to hit someone, someone’s property, motorcycles and even cars.

Safety: Seatbelts, airbags, laws and even a car’s very own design can save your life. Every time you go out make sure that you are safe. You wear your seatbelts, you follow that law and that includes no drunk driving.

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Guaranteed that you will learn to be a good driver and by definition is not just learning to be an expert behind the wheel but being a responsible driver. Teaches you the more than just being responsible, driving fast, being aware of your surroundings, following the law and prioritize safety, but everything you need to know how to be a better driver for you and for the people that you care about.