Holding an official Document as a global Identity

The passport is called as official or legal document that can be issued by the government of any country to give the holders identity and citizenship for their safe to travel safely and securely to many countries without any problems. Many countries all over the world are providing this legal document or a citizenship identity to their citizen as they were born in the country. This is the first passport given by the nation as an identity of the first citizenship of that country. There is a need of second passport for the persons who want to live in foreign countries.  Second passport is nothing but making another choice of desired life.  It gives another option to live in.  How to get a second passport or second citizenship is the question arising now? There are several ways to obtain a second passport.

global Identity

Easy ways to get the second passport

The second passport can be issued for a person in several ways. In one way to obtain the second passport the person need to follow the laws and customs of a residence country for a period of time without any involvement in criminal acts in that country with a clean profile.  Permanent residence of a country can easily get the passport. It is important that the person need to reside in the country for a period of time. The period of time may vary from one to other country.  After residing for several years of time every person got a question that how to get a second passport to continue their life in that country.  It may be several years for one country and it may be months to other country. Some countries simplify the way to get the second passport to welcome the more immigrants into their countries to develop economically in several ways. The other way to get the second passport is to become an investor in foreign countries. The investor can get the second citizenship in an easy way without many efforts. Simply some official or legal second citizenship programs were introducing by some popular countries with some investments in their countries to develop economically in the areas where they want increase the economic growth in the world economy.  The person needs to choose the correct and legally operated investment programs to go through the process can easily get the second citizenship or second passport to enjoy the life in a place where they want to live.