Houses on e-commerce portals

With the changing times and technology almost everything can be bought and sold online, even a house; those looking to sell and buy houses do not have to worry about hiring a broker to do so as with the e-commerce portals houses can be bought and sold easily. There are a few guidelines for those who want to sell and buy houses online; there is a list of dos and don’ts that should be keep in mind.

Guidelines for those who want to sell houses online

  • Register your house in one the online real estate sites.
  • Post a video of your house, showing the whole area and the neighbourhood. Video marketing has increased a lot in the recent years; they are like walk through and perfect for buyers who are far off from your house.
  • Advertise online on other social media websites as more than billboards and newspaper people prefer seeing online websites.
  • Choose the right online portal; see the listings and ranking of the site then only put your house on sale.

Guidelines for buyers

  • Buy houses from reputed and properly ranked e-commerce portals. Such sites tie up with builders that are well known and serious about their work.
  • Survey the market; check for the prices listed for similar houses in the same area and the facilities they offer. This well help you in comparing the prices and then making a decision.
  • Check the builder’s website and also arrange a meeting before making a decision.
  • Make sure that the booking amount you are paying is refundable; if not then do an inquiry about it. Builders with a good reputation would always refund the booking amount whenever needed.

Be cautious and careful before buying and selling houses online.