Induction Cookware Brands (know before buying)

Induction cooking is one of the growing trends in kitchen appliances. And with any trends, we now try to see the pros of changing your cooking tops. Induction cookers are characterized to be efficient, with its fast cooking time, precise temperature settings, easy to clean surface, and its compact size. With its innovative design, Induction cookers also lessen the risks of gas burns and gas leaks. This trend is proving itself useful, doesn’t it?

But before you go ahead and throw all your old gas tops, let me help you choose your next kitchen best friend! I would give you our favorite induction cookware brands that you’ll surely love as well!

our favorite induction cookware brands


Duxtop at the top with two of it’s recent cookware sets on top of our reviews! Firstly, the Duxtop SSIB-17 set wowed reviewers with its beautiful design. It has an aluminum sandwich core and no drip lips on each piece. 18/10 commercial grade steel and heavy gauge impact-bonded aluminum make these pots and pans lifetime keepers. Glass lids and deep sauté pans make batch cooking in these babies a dream for the serious foodie or the casual chef.

The Nine piece Duxstop SSC-9 set shines -literally! The polished cookware is so pretty; you’ll want to leave it out on the counter for everyone to see. Boasting Whole-Clad Tri-Ply Stainless Steel construction, it allows even heating not only on the bottom of the pan but up the sides as well. It has a solid aluminum core, and it is both oven and freezer safe.


  1. Cook N Home

People love the Cook N Home set for its durability, beauty, and price. A lot of people raved about the quality of this brand, considering it low price point. The tempered glass lids make checking on your stew easy. The strong, sturdy handles grace the skillet as well as the pots. It cooks evenly and efficiently, with many satisfied customers pointing out even though they set their temperatures low, the efficient induction core works it’s magic.

  1. Magma

On the road with an induction stove? No problem with Magma Products’ Gourmet Nesting Set. The rising trend among RVs is to include induction stoves for added safety and to keep energy costs low. This RV friendly set packs away in just half a cubic foot of space, making it a great space saving tool. The triple clad bottoms of these pieces ensure even heating, and each piece has a gorgeous mirror polish and is dishwasher safe. It is important to note however that the set because of it’s storage saving aspect only has one lid, which means you can’t cook more than one lid-requiring dish at a time.


  1. Chantal

Lastly, but sure not the least, this works whether you’re looking to replace just one piece in your cookware set or you just want to add to your growing collection. It has a high quality, copper core, no drip sides, and a nonstick ceramic coating that is far more durable than Teflon. The Japanese steel exterior is reinforced with titanium for extra durability.

Looks like we’ve made it to the end. How do you like our list? Check out the brands, and you’ll surely love them!