Know the best feeding bottle for your baby

A baby is a blessing to the parents. Especially when it’s the very first baby, the parents are overjoyed. Since they are totally new to a baby, they want everything perfect for the baby. They even tend to be overcautious in terms of the hygiene and health. Everyone wants to give healthy food to their babies. Since milk is the staple food of the babies, one has to be very cautious while selecting the feeding bottles. dr brown speen is one of the best feeding bottles.

What is Doktor Brown Bottle?

 When it comes to feeding it’s always like going to the stores, standing in front of the baby section for hours, reading the instructions and finding out the best one for your baby.  It is always a challenging task. After a long research, a doctor had made a feeding bottle called dr brown speen, which is very helpful and also helps the child to overcome some medical issues that occurs while feeding, and retaining the nutrition at the same time.

dr brown speen

Features of Doktor Brown Bottle

  • Whenever we buy feeding bottles, first and foremost thing that needs to be taken care is the material. Since they are all made of plastic these days, we have to check whether it is BPA free or not.
  • Then we should check if it is easy and fast to assemble, because most of the times baby does not give you much time. Once the baby starts crying for milk, it gets very difficult to handle the situation.
  • There is a small valve at the mouth of the bottle, which regulates the milk flow. This is one of the important features that need attention. The infants can’t take much speed, as they are totally new to the concept of feeding.
  • Some of the issues that have been overcome by these feeding bottles are, it reduces the issues like colic, burping, gas, spit-ups. In regular feeding bottles the air is ingested with the milk. While they are drinking sometimes a point comes when vacuum is created, and he doesn’t get the milk supply, and in turn the baby tries to suck harder and this process might transfer some air to the baby’s middle ear, which may lead to ear infections.
  • Generally the babies tend to seal their lips to the mouth of bottle while feeding, but as the vacuum creates, some air tends to slip inside the bottle, which in turn ingests into the milk. The baby will face the issues like colic, gas. Baby will have some cramps, resulting in sleepless nights for the parents. These bottles come with special reservoir tube at the vent, hence even though the air enters the bottles, the system directs it to the area above the liquid, so that the air is not ingested in the liquid which in turn also retains the essential vitamins like Vit C, A and E. It is also advisable to not shake the bottle vigorously while dissolving the formula, instead go for gentle stir in order to avoid lumps.

By proper research and by reading the instructions it easy to choose the feeding bottles. After all we want to give the best to our babies. Just be a little cautious, and then you and your baby can play with each other and have fun.