Lie Detection tests – internal company investigations

Lie detector test is also referred as polygraph testing. This type of testing helps in measuring and recording many physiological indicators of an individual like skin conductivity, respiration, blood pressure, and pulse. This happens when the individual is asked several questions and when he is answering them.

Later the results from lie detection tests help in deciding the given answers whether they are non deceptive or deceptive. This will be based on physiological responses given by the individual. The responses given will help in assessment and drawing the results of the polygraph tests.

Internal company investigations and lie detection test:

Investigations done in the company are adhering to varying needs of the company. The lie detection services use latest technologies which provide required services to the company. Lie detection test is considered as an investigation tool which is mainly used by the law enforcement agencies and authorities with an aim to ascertain the truth. This method is used today around the globe.


Polygraph testing is a proven method for detecting deception. This is said to have 100 percent accuracy. Majority of the methods of lie detection are keen to purpose. Irrespective of the purpose whether it is for private issues or corporate lie detection test services must come up with tests which can maintain complete confidentiality of the client.

Whether it is business or corporate sector there will be internal issues like pre employment screening tests, employee drug testing, proving the discriminations among the employees, and it could be to raise the security level within the company. For all these reasons one can go for polygraph testing.

There will be more private matters for which lie detection tests can be used both for business and company. It can be domestic violence, family related issues, many other accusations, and infidelity. These all can happen within a business. So, lie detection tests can help in dealing with these issues.

So, when looking out for lie detection test services choose the wise one. It is important to have a quality test and the service providers must be trust worthy so that they will maintain the confidentiality of the business and its employers. It is important to have a prior discussion with the service providers to come to know about the test which will be conducted. Type of the investigation must be discussed and clearly understood before commencing the test.

It is also important to choose a accredited and certified polygraph examiners. It is better they have membership from well known associations. This will help in ensuring the expertise and skills of the examiners. It is also important that the examiners must constantly update their skills along with their qualifications. This will help to incorporate most advanced techniques needed in polygraph.