Malaysians welcome the BR1M Program

Most of the time, monetary aid is needed by those who only rely on their salaries. If a person is only paid by the minimum, then it’s no surprise that they will gladly accept any type of help that is given to them. In this case, brim 2018 is being welcomed full force by the recipients because it has already helped them in so many ways.

Everybody who has been a recipient of this program will know how big of a deal this is. Those who criticize it may think that it is a way for the government to buy or ensure votes. Though nobody knows if there is really a hidden agenda behind this program, nobody can deny the fact that it is already a blessing to those who receive it.

brim 2018

Why do Malaysians continue to support the BR1M Program?

Obviously, the recipients support it a hundred percent because it has helped them in so many ways. One reason is that this program helps them cover the other costs that they couldn’t afford to pay for. This has already created a massive impact to people who couldn’t even afford to pay their rents; though the money itself can be used for so many other things like food and rent.

Why do some Malaysians continue to act against it?

About 17% of Malaysians still think that it is an act of bribery by the government to show that they are helping the less fortunate like it is some type of action to let people see how much they care for those who are affected by poverty. They have other reasons for it like they are buying votes in hindsight. Though the government has not commented regarding this issue, no one can oppose to the fact that it helps countless Malaysians.

Will Malaysians expect the BR1M to be continued in the year 2018?

Yes. Due to the proof that this program has helped many Malaysians and that most of them are already contented with what they receive, it is expected that BR1M will continue for the year 2018. Most recipients have reported that this program helped them in a great way and they said that the money has given them relief in times of emergencies.

 Since most of the beneficiaries have recounted how much of a big deal this program has been to their lives, they can’t lie that they need it and partly rely on it to pay for their basic needs. Supporting this program let’s Malaysians realize that the government only wants what is best for them and their families.