Today the automobiles is the most vital way of transportation for millions of people across the different part of the countries, which had a great impact on the people in the manner in which they worked and lived. It completely changed the society and helped the people and makes their way to expand their lives. It is because of the automobile which has brought paved bridges, motels, highways and the economic growth for the country. The automobiles industries includes trucks, cars, buses, airplanes, railways, etc. that plays an important role in growth and development of the country and also helps in improving the economy. An important impact of the automobile industries is that it had made the transportation much faster, easier, and more accessible for the people. Increased access to the different important mode of transport made it possible for the people to travel long distances between the countries and the cities comfortably. The automobiles have granted freedom of movement to many people. It helps the people wherever they want to go. The automobiles have become very safe over the past few years because of the latest technologies. It led to great expansion within the cities. Today people depend on their cars and other public transports such as buses, taxis, auto, etc. to travel for work, to meet their friends, etc.



TRANSPORTATION- In this modern time and age, the automobile are very important because it helps people to move freely from one place to another place. It also helps the different industries and people to transports goods easily and it saves a lot of time, money and efforts. The automobile provides greater opportunities for expansion of the business. Easy transportation has only been possible with the improvements and developments of the automobiles industries.

JOB OPPORTUNITIES- It is true that the growth and development of automobiles has helped the people to get job on a large scale. There is need for people to help the industry in the manufacturing process. As we know that the cars, trains, airplanes and others vehicles are made by the machines, we must not forget that the workers are the main source behind designing the model and controlling the machines. Thus the automobiles industry has massively led to many job opportunities for the unemployed workers.

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