Web Hosting – A Guide for Beginners

Web hosting allows organizations to post websites on to the internet. Depending upon the user needs there are different types of web hosting services with the most common form being called the shared hosting. As the name suggests it is the process of hosting several websites form the same server. This will mean all the websites stored will be processed b the same CPU and delivered by the same server. The process is relatively cheaper than others but has its flip side as well. With the other websites also running on the same server you will experience performance lags and downtime frequently. Next is dedicated server hosting where you have complete control over the entire server. This enables you to make the changes you like and also install niche softwares as well as it allows a complete access. The speed and performance of the website is increased. Since you are the only one using the server resources the process becomes an expensive one.

Other than the above there is a third type called the virtual private server and as the name suggests the server is a virtual machine and not a physical one. With this one gets the benefits of both shared and dedicated hosting. With increase in traffic and the number of visitors conventional hosting process could become limited interns of how much space the server could hold and how much memory it can use.

Therefore many companies have come up with a solution called the cloud based VPS hosting. If you need additional support form the company other than just the hosting services then managed hosting is the one for you. The company would provide all the technical support to install the software, monitor and upgrade it at regular intervals. With the various options being available always choose the plan that fits the bill.